Troy MATURO - Frontman and Composer

MATURO was created in 1997 by Southern California native Troy Maturo, after being seriously injured in a car accident.  With a lot of time confined, he purchased his first keyboard and realized he had a gift for music.


His first song "Glance" opened the door for his first album, "Carpe Diem" later that same year, which in turned paved the way to play live at Universal Studios City Walk, in Studio City, CA.  The strong public reception to his original mix of ambient, New Age and Electronica sounds has taken an interest and turned into a career.


"Carpe Diem" was followed by "Forever," "Sanctuary" and "Infinity."  Each album increased in popularity and broadened MATURO's fan base worldwide.  To date, the songs "Passage", "Truly Eve", and "Sanctuary" are still some of the most downloaded songs on iTunes, years after their release.  For piano fans, "All the Pieces" was released as a special collection of piano songs from the previous albums. 


Venues continued to expand as well. Irvine Spectrum, some private concerts, and ultimately, the Downtown Disney Resort in Anaheim, CA where Troy has been a staple performer since 2009.


With a growing family and other businesses, Troy's composing slowed down for a while.  In 2012, a chance meeting opened the door for video and film scoring, and by 2013 Troy was officially composing music for independent short films, features and TV shows.  This plus fan letters asking for a new album led to songs now on the Aurora EP.  A sixth full length studio album is due out in the Fall of 2017.


As MATURO's presence grows in music and film, so does his fan base and their use of his music as a soundtrack for many aspects of life - study sessions, dinner parties, yoga workouts, daily commutes and cross-country drives. Fans love the ethereal qualities in the music, and its' ability to temporally suspend them in an inspiring or soothing moment.  It is his fans that motivate him, and his dedication to them will continue to drive his creative passion.