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PIANO all the pieces

Piano all the pieces


Released 2009
Released 2009
Soft piano with a touch of ethereal soundscapes and ambient tones. You have never heard more emotion in an album than this.
Finally in 2009 MATURO decided to put all the piano pieces from the three previous albums “Sanctuary”, “Forever”, and “Carpe Diem” into one compilation album. The album “Piano all the Pieces” also boasts three unreleased tracks “Love”, “A Promise”, and “So Lost” which will be on the forth coming album entitled “Infinity”.

“People for years have been telling me that they love all the piano tracks to relax to and how they wished that I had a piano only album, so I decided to take their advice and finally put one out. I truly hope that people will enjoy and find solace in this project!”

Piano all the Pieces is definitely a very emotional and calming album to listen to. From the day spa, to the yoga class, to lounging around the house, or to just sitting in traffic, you will enjoy every minute of this album.

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