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Lyrical songs on the way

Well after so long to have finally completed the music only tracks on Infinity, it is time to work on the 2 vocal songs. The first being a redux version of "Tears in Rain" with all new music and a smooth beat to bring it up to a new level. Plus I am very happy that I have secured "Cari Golden" (a well sought after Hollywood talent in the electronic world of music) to lay down that vocal tracks. We go into studio this Tuesday to record and it will be non other than "C.G. Ryche" who will engineer the mix. The other song "My World" is a different more upbeat track compared to Tears, and I am not set yet on the vocalist, I have been in talks with Joanna Stevens of "Delerium, Conjure One, Solar Twins, also a success in her own right" to sing, of coarse Cari, and there is an unknown local sensation that I am considering. Never the less, the tracks will be on line with the MATURO sound and should bring it up to the next level...

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