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Infinity Album release update

After so long of juggling work, music, shows and family, I have finally finished the last song for the new album “Infinity“.  This comes on the brink of Online sales shooting through the roof and also being nominated for a 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award for the song “Truly Eve“. The release of “Infinity” has been an ongoing joke among my close friends and fans about the time it has taken, but with nothing more than a final mix down and mastering, it should be released this spring. I have elected to release it first Digitally on all online music sites and the Physical CD in Summer. I truly believe that “Infinity” will show to be my best work as it continues to bring an eclectic feel as I have done with all the previous albums, a little bit of everything for everyone.

The unofficial track list is as follows:
Album: Infinity
Year: 2008-2011
1. Infinity
2. BlueShift
3. Love
4. Shadowless
5. EvenFall
6. A promise
7. Truly Eve
8. Reverie
9. NeverTech
10. Chances
11.Tears in Rain (Lyrical feat. Cari Golden)
12. Truly Eve (Embodied mix)
13. Shadowless (Into the Light mix)
14. So Lost
15. Oneiric
16. NeverTech (M2 mix)

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