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CONTEST December 2012: Win 5 CD's/10 Download Cards! $150 value!


I am holding a contest to win all "five" full length MATURO albums (Infinity, Sanctuary, Forever, Carpe Diem, and Piano all the Pieces, I will sign them if you like!) plus 10 download cards (5-Infinity and 5-Sanctuary). There will be two winners one Domestic (inside USA) and one international (outside USA) both with their own contest rules. Read them below!!!

Domestic Contest:

It is the old iTunes review contest! leave a review on iTunes USA (you can leave as many reviews as your like, there are 7 titles) and I will pick my favorite review. You do not have to purchase on iTunes to review, for example: if you bought a CD at a show or online and want to review it, you do not have to buy it on iTunes to review it, just have an iTunes account. Note: If you have already reviewed a MATURO album on iTunes, you can review a different album if you like, do not delete the one you left previously. The review dates posted on iTunes will let me keep track of your review. The winners will be posted on the MATURO Facebook page on the 15th of December. I want them to get to you by X-mas if you want to give them as gifts and what not...

International Contest:

Simply take a MATURO anything (cd cover, print out the word MATURO MUSIC on a piece of paper, hand write it if you like, write it on your body, anything you can think of, even something off the internet). Take it to a local place or landmark that says where you are in the world, for example: a city sign, airport sign, train station, etc. You must be in the picture with your MATURO item and location visible. Post it on the MATURO Facebook page, or email it to Have it done by December 15th and I will ship them priority so you will have them in less than 7 days...

CONTEST ENDS December 15th: I will post winners HERE and on the MATURO Facebook page, once announced, get a hold of me via email and I will get your mailing info!

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